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 I'm so glad you're here! If we haven't met yet, I'm Rachel Tenny...the artist, counselor, and one woman show behind everything you see here. I currently live in Charlotte, NC where I run my business painting and working with creatives who want to tackle their struggles and run their business from a place of health!

What am I passionate about?

Mental health: I started my business as a creative outlet while I was in grad school. I began to notice the lack of conversations in the creative community about mental health and counseling, and after finishing my Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling I knew I wanted to do something to change that! Mental Health for Creatives developed as a way to share content about why mental health matters and to create resources to help creative entrepreneurs create from a place of health. 

Body-Image: I've worked in various mental health settings, including several eating disorder treatment centers and created the #mybodyisenough project as a way to empower women to love their bodies, just as they are. In a world that constantly wants to tell us what we need to change to be beautiful, I want women to know they are beautiful and loved...regardless of their size!

Empowering other women: My goal and passion behind my work here is deeper than the superficial. While I love creating bright and colorful artwork (and have no plans to stop anytime soon), my hope is to encourage women to live their best lives and chase their wildest dreams, whether they own a business or not!