#MyBodyIsEnough-Chelsey's Story

Chesley #mybodyisenough
What is the hardest thing for you to accept about your body?

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. (Quick refresher: Type 1 is a genetic disease. I was born with this gene in my body. I didn’t “eat too many sweets” or “bring this upon myself”. This disease would rear it’s ugly head in my body no matter what choices I make / made). Obviously, my life was thrown into a tail spin - I was a recent college graduate struggling to make ends meet and now I had a life long (and expensive) chronic illness. I lost a LOT of weight as I was diagnosed (which, ironically, had me feeling great about my body). For a few months, I had to give myself insulin shots four times a day. Now I wear an insulin pump (think of it almost like an IV going into my belly - I move the location every three days - connected to a little machine that looks like a pager. The little machine is full of insulin, which I inject into my body after eating to help me break carbs down). Since I’ve been putting these little tubes into my belly every three days for the past six years, my stomach is COVERED in scars!! I struggle with a lot of things about my body.. The weight I gained back after starting insulin, all the scars all over my belly and legs from my insulin pump and most of all the fact that my body “failed me” by letting my pancreas die and causing me to need these insulin injections to keep myself alive.
What experiences have you had that impacted the way you feel about your body?

It’s easy to feel down in the dumps about having a “chronic illness”. Wondering why my body “failed me” and stopped working.. Fear when I hear stories of other Diabetics who don’t take care of themselves and in turn lose a foot (I take care of myself, but this is a PARALYZING fear of mine)... Fearing my body betraying me makes it harder for me to love my body and take care of it the way I should (exercise? I thought you said extra fries.. Ugh! I HATE the gym!).

What are some things that you do to work on loving yourself, just as you are?

First of all, I always remember that I don’t have it “that bad”. Other people have been dealt a much worse hand than I have. In the grand scheme of things, yes, I have a lifelong chronic illness. But luckily, science is advanced enough to help me navigate that disease and give me a full life expectancy (in the 1890s, a 30 year old that was just diagnosed with Type1 had an average of 4 more years expected to live... WTF!). Also, knowing that I “can handle” this just helps remind myself how strong I really am (even if I don’t usually feel that way!)

When do you feel most beautiful?

I work in the Fashion Industry, so when I’m wearing something really bright or fun (like my current obsession - crazy tassel earrings from Born to Be Designs!), I always feel beautiful. Other people commenting on how fun my outfit or my accessories are help to remind me that I don’t need to be a size four (or even have a working pancreas) to have fun or feel beautiful! They say happy girls are the prettiest girls (who said that? Audrey Hepburn?) and it’s so true.. Any time I’m having fun and being happy, I end up feeling beautiful!
— Chelsey Cordero
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Cricket Lane Studio was created in 2014 as a creative outlet and I have been having the time of my life delighting customers with my hand lettered happiness!  I mostly create prints and mugs, but occasionally you'll see some phone cases, make up bags or even pillows!  My passion is creating gorgeous goods that help serve a purpose - I love giving back to organizations like Planned Parenthood and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

I love all things pink, glittery and badass. Curse words are my love language. I'm an obsessed dog mom to my 8 lb chihuahua mix, Nails (y'know.. like Tough As Nails), aka #PreciousLittleDevilDog.  I was born in Pittsburgh and currently reside in the Philadelphia suburbs with my wonderful husband.  Most importantly - I strive to do be the Leslie Knope of everything I do. 

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