#MyBodyisEnough-Malorie's Story

August 2014: 2 pink lines! we were pregnant- we were ecstatic... and scared... and every other emotion that comes with finding out in 9 short months you will be responsible for another human being.

We had so much going on in our lives…we were getting ready to separate from the military, not sure where we were going to go, and just found out we were pregnant. The day after we found out I was pregnant, my husband got a job offer- hallelujah! So, fast forward a month and we trekked across the country (for the 3rd time in 4 years) from New Mexico to Virginia. We knew almost no one, I was almost 12 weeks pregnant, and we were officially civilians for the first time in our married life. Everything changed after that move. My marriage began to fall apart, and everything was turning upside down. I had no job, nothing to call my own, I depended solely on my husband for support (which I swore UP AND DOWN would never happen).

April 2015: I gave birth to our beautiful miracle, Adalynn. After 32 hours of rough labor, that ultimately ended in a c section she was here (and healthy!)! I had very little support from my husband during labor, and even less in the first few weeks following. He asked me when I was going to lose the weight- when I was going to get my “wedding” body back- he would tell me that clothes made it look like I was still pregnant- post partum depression kicked in, and I thought I was done. I had a husband who was gone for 48-72 hours at a time (and wasn’t helpful when he was home), a newborn who depended on me to survive, and I could barely get myself out of bed in the morning. I started hiding in my clothes. baggy sweat pants to hide the mom pooch, loose tops to hide the huge boobs... I hid for almost 6 months.

It wasn’t until my best friend and my mom told me that this wasn’t ok that I started taking control back, when I realized that I am beautiful- and my body is beautiful- every stretch mark, every scar- they all tell a story, and damnit if I’m not going to be proud of them. I started pushing back- and that was when the marriage really started to fall apart. He didn’t like that he didn’t have the control over me anymore- he would still make the same comments to me, and I would tell him it wasn’t ok, and that if he had a problem with the way I looked or the way I dressed that it was his problem, not mine, and that I wasn’t changing. I would ask him “what if I never get my wedding body back- can you still love me?” and he would avoid the question, wouldn’t answer me.

A lot of people probably wonder why I stayed- many have told me “I wouldn’t put up with that”. And, you know what? I used to say the same thing, and yet, there I was. So, why did I stay? Fear. Fear of being alone, fear of not being able to provide for myself, fear of never finding anyone to love me again... the list goes on. (and I can hear you thinking... but clearly he didnt love you... and you would be correct, but at one time, he did.)

Fast forward to July 2016: it was a miserable year and a half after we had our daughter- constant fighting- we tried marriage counseling- there was another woman in his life that I was constantly comparing myself to (not going to get into that). He finally asked for a divorce on July 15... I was devastated- still- he had this hold on me that I couldn’t shake. My entire world turned upside down.

It has been 8 months since my marriage ended, but I have had so many epiphanies about myself, and my body since then. I am done feeling like I am not enough. I am more than enough. I am done feeling weak. I am strong. I am done feeling like a failure. I am a success in so many things. I am done feeling ugly. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I am DONE being minimized. I am here, I am proud and I am strong.

Please understand that this is not intended in any way to bash my soon-to-be-ex husband. I do not regret any part of our marriage, without it I would not be where I am today, and as it turns out, we are much better and happier apart than we are together. He is an amazing father to our daughter now, and we are actually getting along better than we did during our last 2 years of marriage (go figure, huh?)

And I have taken my reigns back. I started grad school in January (something I’ve wanted to do for 2 years but couldnt because I didn’t have the support)- and got A’s in my first 2 classes while being a single mom and relaunching a business.

I just officially relaunched my business, and I couldn’t be prouder- everything about this business is ME- my personality, my passion, it’s just ME- and I am soooo excited to share it with the world!

And, to top it all off- I have found an amazing man!

Be ready 2017, because I am about to take you by storm!
— Malorie

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