#MyBodyIsEnough-Self-Love with Lauren Frontiera

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Today's post is all about a type of love we don't usually think about when celebrating on Valentine's Day:self-love. We send love notes, flowers, candy, and giant teddy bears to people we love on this special day, but what do we do to love ourselves? Not just on one special day of the year, but every other day? 

If you haven't heard of my dear friend Lauren and her podcast, The Real Female Entrepreneur, I talk about her all the time, because she is literally the best. Her podcast is such a breath of fresh air and she unapologetically shares her own story and the stories of other women each week on her episodes. Lauren is sharing all about the topic of self-love on today's episode of the podcast, so be sure you check it out here.

There’s no shame in wild self-love. There’s no shame in looking in the mirror and loving every curvy, smooth, bumpy, scarred, blemish-free, or cellulite-covered inch of your beautiful body. It’s OK to love who you are. It’s also OK to love other things about yourself - your mind, your humor, your compassion, your wit, your fierceness, your drive, your work ethic - after all, you are far more than just a pretty face.

But don’t love yourself too much … they say … you don’t want to offend others.

But might I stand on my radical soap box for just a moment, my loves, and say, to hell with offending others by loving your body just as it is. There is no shame in being proud of and loving your body, free of self-deprecation. This is your body and your mind and you can love it as wildly as your heart will allow.

We’re taught that self-deprecation is normal and that it’s OK. Sweet lady, I’m here to tell you that it most certainly is not. It’s not OK to criticise your beautiful body to make others feel comfortable. It’s not OK to shame yourself in the name of humor. And it most certainly is not OK to degrade your mind, your body, or any other part of you because it’s “normal”, or expected, or what everyone else is doing.

I want to hop on top of my soapbox for just a minute and propose a radical movement. So, go grab a cup of coffee (or tea, latte, wine… no drink discrimination here) and get cozy. I need your heart’s and your mind’s full attention.

I want to propose a movement of self-love activists.
Imagine, a tribe of hundreds of thousands of women refusing to buy into the norm of self-deprecation and self-hate. Women everywhere loving themselves, and their bodies, just as they are, and sharing that truth out loud. What if we replaced every “I’m feeling really fat today…” with “I’m feeling really empowered today.” What if we stopped deflecting kind comments from others and instead started thanking them? “Thank you. Yes, I do feel really beautiful and empowered in this outfit.”

Imagine this new reality with me … one where we stop judging ourselves and start loving ourselves. One where we feel confident and empowered to admit that we feel beautiful or empowered or witty as hell or successful, without any shame. Imagine a reality where we empowered other women to do the same. One where we stop letting our mothers and sisters and daughters and friends shame themselves mercilessly. We instead love them wildly, right where they’re at, and hold them accountable for doing the same.

Imagine a reality where shameless self-love was the norm. Imagine the mountains we could move. The lives we could empower. The barriers we could break through.

I don’t know about you, but I want this world to be my world. So, what do you say? Are you with me? Every movement begins with a radical idea and a group of people who dare to believe in it. Will you join me?
— Lauren, The Real Female Entrepreneur

I am working on a resource right now to help you learn to love yourself more. If you want to be the first to know about it, sign up here. And as always, all the #mybodyisneough products are available in the shop!