Friday's FREE Download-Nothing Blooms All Year

It seems like as entrepreneurs (and humans in general) there is a push to keep going at 100% all day, everyday. If you don't, then people may see you as unmotivated or uncommitted. For the past few weeks, I have taken a step back from my business as other things have come up that needed my attention. I knew that of the hours in the day, I could not devote 10+ to my online presence while trying to managing a full-time therapy job.

I am guessing that if you're reading this, you have likely faced the struggle too. You cannot bloom all year. There are periods of drought and pruning and if you're in a season of pruning, it's okay. Know that your work behind the scenes may not feel beautiful, but you are working on something that is long-term sustainable.

To download, simply click through the image and save the file! It is formatted to print as an 8"x10" file.