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#MyBodyIsEnough-Lindsay's Story

I have yet to meet a woman who didn’t have some insecurity or “issue” with her body at one point in life. I certainly was one of those women too. I used to HATE my body with a passion. I wanted a curvy, perfectly proportional, hourglass shaped body since I was a young girl. 

I grew up OBSESSED with Barbie dolls. I played with them from pre-school to middle school. (Yes, I was that weird girl still playing with dolls as a pre-teen.) I loved dressing them more than ANYTHING, so I could admire their bodies in different outfits. Their big breasts, tiny waists, curvy hips and long legs were what I dreamed about, thought about and decided I would have as a woman. 

I’m fortunate that my DNA gave me some aspects of the Barbie doll body. I got the long legs and curvy hips part. I, however, did not get the teeny tiny waist (unless of course, I starved myself) or the big breasts part. The teeny tiny waist part never really bothered me. It was the big breasts part that I wanted oh-so very much. 

It wasn’t just Barbie dolls that made me have a desire to have big breasts. I began to notice in middle school that the other girls were developing breasts and I wasn’t. They were all starting their periods too. 

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