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#MyBodyIsEnough-Chelsey's Story

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. (Quick refresher:  Type 1 is a genetic disease.  I was born with this gene in my body.  I didn't "eat too many sweets" or "bring this upon myself".  This disease would rear it's ugly head in my body no matter what choices I make / made).  Obviously, my life was thrown into a tail spin - I was a recent college graduate struggling to make ends meet and now I had a life long (and expensive) chronic illness.   I lost a LOT of weight as I was diagnosed (which, ironically, had me feeling great about my body).  For a few months, I had to give myself insulin shots four times a day.  Now I wear an insulin pump (think of it almost like an IV going into my belly - I move the location every three days - connected to a little machine that looks like a pager.  The little machine is full of insulin, which I inject into my body after eating to help me break carbs down).  Since I've been putting these little tubes into my belly every three days for the past six years, my stomach is COVERED in scars!!  I struggle with a lot of things about my body.. The weight I gained back after starting insulin,  all the scars all over my belly and legs from my insulin pump and most of all the fact that my body "failed me" by letting my pancreas die and causing me to need these insulin injections to keep myself alive. 


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#MyBodyisEnough-Malorie's Story

August 2014: 2 pink lines! we were pregnant- we were ecstatic... and scared... and every other emotion that comes with finding out in 9 short months you will be responsible for another human being.

We had so much going on in our lives…we were getting ready to separate from the military, not sure where we were going to go, and just found out we were pregnant. The day after we found out I was pregnant, my husband got a job offer- hallelujah! So, fast forward a month and we trekked across the country (for the 3rd time in 4 years) from New Mexico to Virginia. We knew almost no one, I was almost 12 weeks pregnant, and we were officially civilians for the first time in our married life. Everything changed after that move.   My marriage began to fall apart, and everything was turning upside down. I had no job, nothing to call my own, I depended solely on my husband for support (which I swore UP AND DOWN would never happen).

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#MyBodyIsEnough-Katie's Story

I can remember the day I fainted inside the kitchen after only allowing myself one small piece of pizza after an early morning of finals at school and a few hours of laying out in the sun… It was senior year and thankfully our family’s dear cleaning lady was at our house when it happened. 

For many years, I’d felt heavy, curvy and just not as slender as the other girls at school. I remember being ashamed in about 5th grade or so when we were changing in the locker room and I had boobs and the other girls didn’t… And then all through middle school and high school as I participated in sports, I remember being embarrassed about my body. 

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#MyBodyIsEnough-Self-Love with Lauren Frontiera

There’s no shame in wild self-love. There’s no shame in looking in the mirror and loving every curvy, smooth, bumpy, scarred, blemish-free, or cellulite-covered inch of your beautiful body. It’s OK to love who you are. It’s also OK to love other things about yourself - your mind, your humor, your compassion, your wit, your fierceness, your drive, your work ethic - after all, you are far more than just a pretty face. 

But don’t love yourself too much … they say … you don’t want to offend others.

But might I stand on my radical soap box for just a moment, my loves, and say, to hell with offending others by loving your body just as it is. There is no shame in being proud of and loving your body, free of self-deprecation. This is your body and your mind and you can love it as wildly as your heart will allow.

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