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It's Okay Not to Feel Creative, Even When It's Your Job!

How Mental Health Influences Creativity

If you are creative, you are unique and your brain processes things in a different way often times. Know that being creative isn't just about the end product or coming up with new ideas. There is a whole cycle of creativity I want to share with you, which can be impacted by many things, including mental illness. Depending on whether you struggle with a diagnosable mental illness, your creativity may fluctuate even more than the average person. Depression and anxiety are triggers of creativity, or the lack of it. This is particularly true for people with Bipolar Disorder, who often go through longer periods of mania (which can result in coming up with ideas, creating intensely) which are then followed by longer periods of depression (which can result in struggling to function, let alone being creative).

First things first though, know that you cannot be expected to have endless amounts of creativity at all times. At some point, you will be totally drained and uninspired creatively, no matter how talented you are regardless of whether or not you have a diagnosed mental illness. 

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