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Beating The Imposter Monster

I want to personify imposter syndrome as a monster for a minute...a big, scary monster that sneaks in and preys on our doubts and insecurities. A monster that makes us feel like we are fakes and frauds. A monster than hides in our deepest fears and holds us back from doing incredible things. A monster who looks like us so closely that it's hard to know where it ends and we begin. 

Have you had an encounter with this monster?

Everyday we have to do dozens of things. Some that we have to think about and some that we don't, because we do them so often. Every now and then when we begin to do something new or something outside of our normal routine, the monster strikes and points out all the ways we are not qualified and will surely fail. 

Have you ever felt like you shouldn't be the one doing what you're doing? Like for some reason you aren't qualified and everyone else is all of the sudden going to figure it out? Imagine this like the dream where you walk out on stage to speak and realize you're naked...except this time you aren't physically naked, but others can see right through you and they are all realizing you're not as qualified as they thought.

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