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The Power of "Me Too" & Meaningful Connections

I'm back with a new conversation this week and even though you can't see me through your screen, I want you to do something quickly that may feel a little bit weird! Here goes...Raise you're hand if you've ever felt lonely or like you didn't belong.  (I am on the other side of my screen raising my hand, so know that you aren't alone.)

One of the greatest struggles of entrepreneurship is isolation. Even if you have lots of friends, both online and IRL (in real life), it can often be hard to make time for those relationships. Right now, the word community is flying around the creative world and with good reason. People are tired of being alone and tired of pretending their life looks like the perfect squares of Instagram. There is something powerful about hearing someone else say "me too" and knowing you're not alone whether your struggles are with your personal life or business.

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