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It's Okay Not to Feel Creative, Even When It's Your Job!

How Mental Health Influences Creativity

If you are creative, you are unique and your brain processes things in a different way often times. Know that being creative isn't just about the end product or coming up with new ideas. There is a whole cycle of creativity I want to share with you, which can be impacted by many things, including mental illness. Depending on whether you struggle with a diagnosable mental illness, your creativity may fluctuate even more than the average person. Depression and anxiety are triggers of creativity, or the lack of it. This is particularly true for people with Bipolar Disorder, who often go through longer periods of mania (which can result in coming up with ideas, creating intensely) which are then followed by longer periods of depression (which can result in struggling to function, let alone being creative).

First things first though, know that you cannot be expected to have endless amounts of creativity at all times. At some point, you will be totally drained and uninspired creatively, no matter how talented you are regardless of whether or not you have a diagnosed mental illness. 

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Beating The Imposter Monster

I want to personify imposter syndrome as a monster for a minute...a big, scary monster that sneaks in and preys on our doubts and insecurities. A monster that makes us feel like we are fakes and frauds. A monster than hides in our deepest fears and holds us back from doing incredible things. A monster who looks like us so closely that it's hard to know where it ends and we begin. 

Have you had an encounter with this monster?

Everyday we have to do dozens of things. Some that we have to think about and some that we don't, because we do them so often. Every now and then when we begin to do something new or something outside of our normal routine, the monster strikes and points out all the ways we are not qualified and will surely fail. 

Have you ever felt like you shouldn't be the one doing what you're doing? Like for some reason you aren't qualified and everyone else is all of the sudden going to figure it out? Imagine this like the dream where you walk out on stage to speak and realize you're naked...except this time you aren't physically naked, but others can see right through you and they are all realizing you're not as qualified as they thought.

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The Power of "Me Too" & Meaningful Connections

I'm back with a new conversation this week and even though you can't see me through your screen, I want you to do something quickly that may feel a little bit weird! Here goes...Raise you're hand if you've ever felt lonely or like you didn't belong.  (I am on the other side of my screen raising my hand, so know that you aren't alone.)

One of the greatest struggles of entrepreneurship is isolation. Even if you have lots of friends, both online and IRL (in real life), it can often be hard to make time for those relationships. Right now, the word community is flying around the creative world and with good reason. People are tired of being alone and tired of pretending their life looks like the perfect squares of Instagram. There is something powerful about hearing someone else say "me too" and knowing you're not alone whether your struggles are with your personal life or business.

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Overcoming Doubts and Insecurities

Repeat after me: everyone doubts themselves and everyone has insecurities, even Adele. In an interview she said, "I have insecurities of course but I don't hang out with anyone who points them out to me." While everyone faces doubts and insecurities, self-doubt can effect individuals who are creative more intensely and even destroy creativity as a result. Why? People who are creative are often wired to experience things intensely, meaning that a doubt that someone else may have shrugged off, sticks around and plants roots. 

One minute you may feel on top of the world, and then the next your self-doubt leaves feeling paralyzed and directionless. An important thing to identify is where your doubts and insecurities comes from. Doubts can creep in based on a comment from a family member, a childhood criticism, a lull when you're not feeling creative, or even from comparison to others. How many times have you been scrolling along through social media feeling great until you see something that ignites the fire in your gut? Maybe it's a photographer who shot your dream client's wedding, or another entrepreneur getting recognized for their work. Within minutes you go from feeling good to thinking "Maybe I should just quit and give up this dream...maybe I'm not cut out for this!"

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