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The Role Eating Plays in Loving Your Body

How to eat? For a question that seems so simple, the answer has become quite needlessly complex. 

When I first became a dietitian, my idea of how to eat was pretty rigid. I had strong beliefs about about when, what and how one should nourish their body. There was a clear right and wrong. 

When I entered practice and started working with other people, I saw that diet rules not only didn’t work, but often backfired. I also started to see the negative effects of diet mentality on my own life. I struggled with so much guilt and shame over what was on my plate. One day it hit me that after six years of training in nutrition, I had no clue how to eat. 

Thankfully I discovered the world of intuitive eating, body positivity and non-diet centered wellness. I completely changed how I practiced, and I how fed and took care of myself. I discovered that the question of how to eat really does have a simple answer – however you damn well please! 

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