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How to Live Through Transition

I have been back from our trip to Greece for over a month and I will be really honest, my outlook on my life and business has changed a lot since then! At the beginning of March, my husband and I moved to Charlotte in order for him to do a surgery fellowship. On the outside, the move looks fun and exciting...and don't get me wrong, it has been both, but under the surface of the fun, it's been hard. At first, I debated whether or not to talk about the hard stuff, but I am reminded that sharing the hard stuff can be really valuable!

For starters, we moved from a 2,500 square foot house into a less than 1,000 square foot apartment. In order to make that possible, we had to get rid of almost 2/3's of the things we owned. Before our move, I meticulously went through everything we had and sorted piles to sell and donate. Everything from furniture, clothes, to old papers (literally had copies of bills we paid in 2012?! WHY?) All of our still now fits in 968 square feet and a porch,  with no extra storage units or garage to hold stuff. If we couldn't bring it, we didn't keep it! While I'm not really sentimental when it comes to material things, the purge of material possessions made me want to purge other areas of my life. 

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