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Finding Value

I want to start this post with a question: what defines your value and worth?

Take a minute and if you have a piece of scrap paper nearby and a few minutes, write down a few things that base how you feel about yourself. Here are a few things that may come to mind: how others see you, what you accomplish, what you look like, if you are popular, if you are successful...and the list can go on and on. 

There are two option in defining value and worth: either YOU define your worth (internal) or you let everyone and every circumstance around you (external) dictate if you're valuable and worthy, depending on their approval/disapproval.

It can be hard not to be validated by outside influences (especially as a small business owner), like the number of 0's in your bank account or the number of followers on social media. It's great when things are going well to receive outside validation, but if you rely on others to make you feel worthy, what happens when people have less than great things to say about you or your work?  

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