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Trusting your Intuition

Today's post may be a little "woo" or out there for those of you who aren't familiar with intuition. "Listening to your gut", "your conscious", "your inner voice" are all phrases you may have heard used to describe your intuition.You may have a different name than even those, but one thing rings true: learning to listen (and trust) your intuition is vital on the journey to mental well-being. 

Steve Jobs called intuition “more powerful than intellect" and  Albert Einstein called intuition the "sacred gift."  Some of the most well known discoveries, relationships, and ideas are born from instinct that comes from intuition. 

Trusting your intuition is a psychological phenomenon that has been happening for hundreds and thousands of years, but was first discussed and written about by Carl Jung. Trusting your intuition is something we are born doing, but over time as we begin to doubt and questions ourselves. Trusting intuition is what kept our ancestors alive through various dangerous scenarios and predators. Like anything else, intuition can dissipate if it isn't used.

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Staying in the Present

Staying focused in the present moment is not something that comes naturally to most of us. It is something that can be a struggle to learn how to do, especially when we have so much to do and multitasking is hailed as the most important skill to possess. When it comes to mental health, being focused on the present moment is imperative. There is a quote that I love that says, " anxiety is living in the present and depression is living in the past" and I couldn't agree with that more. Anytime that we aren't focusing on the present, we make room for anxiety and depression to creep in.

One of the things that I talk to my clients about most is non judgmental present focused awareness. It's a mouthful, so I'll explain what it means. Non-judgement is about allowing ourselves to have thoughts, feelings, and emotions and not judging them as they occur. It happens when we simply acknowledge the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we have without judging ourselves for having them. Present focused relates to what is happening in the moment...not what happened 5 minutes ago and not what will happen in 4 years from now. And awareness simply means incorporating all that together to have an idea of what is going on in your mind and body at one moment or another.

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The Problem with Perfection

Walking around and carrying the weight of perfection is a burden. It’s a burden that so many carry…silently, dutifully, their entire lives. Perfect feels safe and it feels desired. It feels like control and it feels like being worthy.

But on the inside, perfection is an angry monster. If you haven’t noticed yet, I tend to personify a lot of emotions and experiences. It helps me (and clients I work with) to be able to see how these things are part of them, but also not something that they have to feel like aligns with their beliefs fully. 

We were never meant to be perfect. We were mean to be human. We were never meant to have the social media “perfection” that is chased. We were meant to be imperfect, yet whole. 

However, perfectionism is praised. For many, it starts as children and then becomes the reinforcement used to validate everything.  Perfectionism is seen as a goal to work towards, whether it be through out work, appearance, or relationships.

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You are Already Enough

If you are reading this, then I truly believe it's on purpose. When I first created this blog, I labeled this tab "a piece of my heart." The goal behind everything I make, create, or write is to encourage women to believe in themselves, their abilities, and their value. Since before I began working as a therapist, this was the goal behind everything I did and the messages I put out into the world. With all the negative things happening and everything going on in the world, I realized that I could do something to combat that negativity. This was possible through sharing part of my own heart for the things I was passionate about, so the name seemed like a natural fit. 

I remember how nervous I was the first time I hit "publish" on a post that wasn't surface level. I got that uncomfortable feeling, which I've known grown to love that pushes me out of what feels safe. The response to my first post about my journey to appreciate and accept my body was raw and it resonated with so many people. I knew in that moment, that my platform had to be used to share things that were hard and didn't get tied up by the end of post. While I wasn't sure of my exact direction, I knew it was involved sharing message that were encouraging, and a little sassy about value, self-acceptance, and being enough. 

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