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#MyBodyIsEnough-Pure Hearts Defined

I get emails and DM's on a daily basis asking for donations for projects and organizations and it tugs on my heart to want to help. My business started as a way to be able to give back and encourage others, so I always want to help when I can, but that also means have to say "no" a lot. When I got Taylor's email about Pure Hearts Defined, I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of what she was doing.

I sent her dozens of #mybodyisenough cards to take with her on her trip to Belize in hopes that through her work, the girls and women she came in contact with would be able to hear that their bodies are worthy of acceptance and they are worthy of love for the first time.

Here's a recap of her time there and the women she got to meet! 

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#MyBodyIsEnough-Lindsay's Story

I have yet to meet a woman who didn’t have some insecurity or “issue” with her body at one point in life. I certainly was one of those women too. I used to HATE my body with a passion. I wanted a curvy, perfectly proportional, hourglass shaped body since I was a young girl. 

I grew up OBSESSED with Barbie dolls. I played with them from pre-school to middle school. (Yes, I was that weird girl still playing with dolls as a pre-teen.) I loved dressing them more than ANYTHING, so I could admire their bodies in different outfits. Their big breasts, tiny waists, curvy hips and long legs were what I dreamed about, thought about and decided I would have as a woman. 

I’m fortunate that my DNA gave me some aspects of the Barbie doll body. I got the long legs and curvy hips part. I, however, did not get the teeny tiny waist (unless of course, I starved myself) or the big breasts part. The teeny tiny waist part never really bothered me. It was the big breasts part that I wanted oh-so very much. 

It wasn’t just Barbie dolls that made me have a desire to have big breasts. I began to notice in middle school that the other girls were developing breasts and I wasn’t. They were all starting their periods too. 

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The Power of "Me Too" & Meaningful Connections

I'm back with a new conversation this week and even though you can't see me through your screen, I want you to do something quickly that may feel a little bit weird! Here goes...Raise you're hand if you've ever felt lonely or like you didn't belong.  (I am on the other side of my screen raising my hand, so know that you aren't alone.)

One of the greatest struggles of entrepreneurship is isolation. Even if you have lots of friends, both online and IRL (in real life), it can often be hard to make time for those relationships. Right now, the word community is flying around the creative world and with good reason. People are tired of being alone and tired of pretending their life looks like the perfect squares of Instagram. There is something powerful about hearing someone else say "me too" and knowing you're not alone whether your struggles are with your personal life or business.

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The Role Eating Plays in Loving Your Body

How to eat? For a question that seems so simple, the answer has become quite needlessly complex. 

When I first became a dietitian, my idea of how to eat was pretty rigid. I had strong beliefs about about when, what and how one should nourish their body. There was a clear right and wrong. 

When I entered practice and started working with other people, I saw that diet rules not only didn’t work, but often backfired. I also started to see the negative effects of diet mentality on my own life. I struggled with so much guilt and shame over what was on my plate. One day it hit me that after six years of training in nutrition, I had no clue how to eat. 

Thankfully I discovered the world of intuitive eating, body positivity and non-diet centered wellness. I completely changed how I practiced, and I how fed and took care of myself. I discovered that the question of how to eat really does have a simple answer – however you damn well please! 

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