Didn't watch the video? Here's a quick overview of who I am and what I do!

If we haven't met yet, I'm Rachel, the artist and therapist behind everything you see here!

I currently call Charlotte, NC home and share my life with my husband and our rescue pups.

My passions intersect in my work to empower female creatives to prioritize and focus on their mental health, work with individuals wanting to establish a healthy relationship with their bodies, and create colorful and inspirational artwork. While those things may all seem a bit random, they are all a piece of the passion that makes me, me.

If we met in person, I would want to tell you:

  • You are already enough, just as you are

  • You don’t have to prove your worth

  • Changing your body won’t make you like yourself more

  • Being able to fully experience your emotions without numbing or avoiding them is the only way to heal

  • Your story matters and by being able to share it you can help change how others see themselves

  • Regardless of what you have been through, you are worthy of living a life that matters to you

  • Doing it all may seem appealing, but you do not have too - in fact you should't

  • You deserve to be seen and known for who you truly are