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About the Program

A 90-minute call each week for 8 weeks and a 30 minute individual follow up call with me after the 8 weeks are over! You receive a total of 9 weeks of education as well as a fun package to celebrate the completion of the program!

Each week, we will walk through a part of Mental Health for Creatives, but the curriculum will be adjusted for the people in the group. At the time of sign up, you will receive an in depth questionnaire, to figure out what area you can use the most help with! The mastermind will only be open to 5-6 individuals, and because of the smaller size, it will be really specific to what the group is struggling with. Each week, we will go through a different topic and topics can include: boundaries, self-care, burnout/fatigue, battling mental illness, dealing with doubts and insecurities, etc.

Each week there will be a lesson, Q&A, reflections based on the content for the week. The group members will weigh in with insight and ideas to help the person gain clarity, but will refrain from giving advice.

All members will receive a workbook to download and print out for the program. Each week you’ll be able to do homework in the workbook to help get a deeper understanding of your business and mental health!


Here's how the call will work

Opening/Ice Breaker (5-10 minutes)

As the facilitator, I lead a short exercise or ask a question to start us off. The intent to help members bring more quality of attention to the meeting and to open up with other members of the group!

Check-in/goal assessment(15-20 minutes)

Each member gets 3-5 minutes to say what’s been happening for them since the last meeting. This is basically a high/low, so we can be aware of what each other are walking through. This is important because the change process almost always includes ups and downs and it’s hard to support a member if we don’t know what they are experiencing.

These are important for a member comes to the group with something specific they are working on for feedback (in my groups, this is most often mental-health/business related)

Topic of the Night (45 minutes)

I will share on one of the topics that you all mentioned in the questionnaire as being important to you! You will have an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

Check out (5 minutes)

At the end of the group, each member say a few words about what the group was like for them – something they appreciated or learned or something that was challenging.

Facebook Community

Each group I facilitate will have it's own Facebook group. This can be ongoing after the group is over and can be a great environment for ongoing support and learning or just to let each other know how things are going!

Schedule & Topics

Prior to starting, you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire about yourself to better help me better adapt the content of the program. While there is a schedule, topics are flexible and can changed based on the initial survey I will send out prior to the group starting. It is your responsibility to complete the survey 7-10 days before the mastermind begins.

8 Week Breakdown


Week 1

-Who YOU are, your business an mental health story
-What is going well and where you’re struggling currently
-What is going well and where you’re struggling currently
-Introductions to the group

Week 2

-Saying “No” Without Guilt/Shame

Week 3

-Comparison/Being True to Yourself

Week 4

-Creating Cycle/Avoiding Burnout and Making Time to Rest

Week 5

-Imposter Syndrome/Feeling like you aren’t enough

Week 6

-Setting Boundaries

Week 7

- Self-Care Strategies

Week 8

-Wrapping/Plans for the future




Date & Time of Calls

Calls will be held at Wednesdays at 8:30 PM EST and last until 10:00 PM EST (possibly a few minutes later depending on group size)

That is subject to change if more than half the group has a schedule conflict. If you are unable to make a certain call, you will have access to the recording, but will not be receiving a refund for that week. You are advised not to join the group if you cannot commit to weekly meetings during the above listed dates.

Who the program is for and what to expect

This group will be flexible. I am open to suggestions to improve the experience, and will make changes to provide more value! This could include changing topics or creating worksheets that will add value to the experience. The purpose of this program is to get results, and I will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal!

This program is ideal for female creative entrepreneurs or business owner.s This program is ideal for someone who is either working with a therapist already or has previously and is in a stable mental state. Note: you do not need to have a diagnosis or formal evaluation to participate, as this group is not the same as individual therapy. This program should not be used instead of meeting with a mental health professional in your area.

This program is designed specifically for individuals who want to thrive both in their lives and business and who want to live from a place of well-being.

Each group is limited to 5-8 participants, so that everyone gets equal attention and has a fair chance to get every question answered each week.



The Master

The package includes 8 group meetings as well as an hour follow-up call EACH WEEK, for a total of 8 hours of one-on-one work.

You will receive the workbook to complete each week as well as individualized questions and resources based on what you are specifically struggling with. Individual calls will take place on either Friday or Saturday.


The entrepreneur

The package includes 8 group meetings as well as a 30 minute follow-up call EACH WEEK, for a total of 4 hours of one-on-one work.

You will receive the workbook to complete each week as well as individualized questions and resources based on what you are specifically struggling with. Individual calls will take place on either Friday or Saturday.


The creative

The package includes 8 group meetings as well as a 30 minute follow-up call during week 9.

You will receive the workbook to complete each week as well as access to a private Facebook group.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns or if you need a payment plan. If you need a payment plan, you will be required to pay 50% of the cost to hold your spot and then pay the other 50% two weeks prior to the program starting. If you're interested, simply let me know and I will send all the details to move forward!


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"The Mental Health Mastermind with Rachel was beyond helpful. As I started to pursue my art as a possible career, I felt alone and like I was the only one drowning as a creative entrepreneur. It seemed like everyone was doing great and not feeling the toll I was. It was so refreshing to get in a group of vulnerable and honest entrepreneurs to discuss the struggles with anxiety, depression, and even eating habits that often come along with putting your work out there. Rachel helped guide us through some amazing conversations, ways to be mindful and how to take better care of ourselves, specifically focused on life as a creative entrepreneur. I can't begin to describe how much this group helped- just knowing that I had some confidants going through the same thing made a huge difference in my personal and business habits, not to mention the sincere support our group has continued to give each other.”

-Taira, Adair Artistry

Working as a successful private practice dietitian and blogger is a dream come true, but as someone with zero background in business, it's been hugely anxiety provoking! Fears and long hours and comparititis sometimes overpower the gratitude I feel for having a job that I love, and often left me paralyzed and unable to do the things I needed to do to expand my business. Working with Rachel taught be usable and realistic strategies for building confidence as an entrepreneur and how to build in self care in a realistic way. Having other women in the group who understood my feelings made me feel so much less alone. I feel like I learned so much from each and every one of them!

- Rachael, The Joy of Eating

The Process

If you are interested in claiming one limited seats for the Mental Health Mastermind, just fill out this form below.

Rachel will reach out to you to chat and make sure the program is a good fit. You will be emailed an invoice as well as a questionnaire within one week! Once payment has processed, you a week before you will be sent a workbook prior to the meeting starting that includes worksheets and questions that will be helpful for you to work on outside of the group. These are not official homework, but will be things that are beneficial for you to think about and process outside of the group! You can complete as much or as little as you wish, but know that your success will be dependent on your involvement and participation.


The next Mastermind will begin in Spring 2019. 

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