About the project

Promoting positive body image is my passion project - and its meaning for me runs deep.  While completing my counseling degree I worked in an eating disorder treatment center, where I became fired up not only about working with individuals with diagnosed eating disorders, but also those people who fell on the "fringe."

Who exactly are people who fall on the “fringe?”

These are the people who have never been diagnosed with an eating disorder, but exhibit some of the symptoms, have low self-esteem and feel a lot of hate for their bodies.

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The Heart Behind It

I know a lot of these women (and men too!) in my own life, in fact I was one. As a teenager, I would obsessed about how my body looked. I felt like I didn't compare or measure up to what I was seeing on TV, magazines, or social media and it negatively impacted my life. I agonized over how to lose the "last 5 pounds,"tried countless fad diets, and spent hours in the gym working out obsessively. The only thing this accomplished? Making me exhausted and also making me even more critical of my body.

Now, I am thankful to have all of that in my rearview mirror and to have walked away with some extremely valuable lessons. Over the years I spent learning how to love myself, I developed a deeply rooted passion for helping others to do the same.

In my daily life I share a lot of body positive messages on my personal and business social media, because I know people can use those reminders. I get lots of messages from people about their own struggles to love themselves,  all the ways they have tried and failed, and they ways that they continue to press forward on their personal journeys. The #mybodyisenough project was developed to create a way for women to share their stories about learning to love themselves without feeling shame for doing so. Sharing stories can start a chain reaction, empowering and lifting up those around us.

my body is enough

Ultimately, I want to empower women of  all sizes and shapes to love themselves wholeheartedly, constantly and without doubt. Not when they lose the weight or can fit into their pre-baby jeans. Now. Right now.

Loving yourself is a lifelong journey, and accepting your body is the first step.

You are beautiful. You are loved. You are so much more than enough.

How you can get involved

Share your images on social media and use the hashtag #mybodyisenough and submit your story to be featured on the blog!

Questions to ask yourself

What is the first thing you remember someone telling you about your body?

What is the hardest thing for you to accept about your body?

What experiences have you had that impacted the way you feel about your body?

What are some things that you do to work on loving yourself, just as you are?

When do you feel most beautiful?